Sunday, November 1, 2009

I a ninjinturdle! High-ya!

As planned, Shanny was Leonardo for Halloween!

Ron and I took her to Emmi's, Uncle Robert and Aunt Deborah's, and to Aunt Wendy/Uncle Pat/Aunt Cindy/ Uncle Ricky/ Mimi Rena and Papa Tommy, and of course Austin's houses to trick or treat! Shannen had the phrases down pat and everyone got a kick out of her ninja turtle outfit! She was truly one of a kind, but she's that everyday- not just Halloween!

In other news... Shannen had a not-so-good past week behavior wise. She has been roughin' up the other kids and talking back to the teachers. However, after Mrs. Easterling and I put our heads together- we implemented a block system for her behavior- and it seemed to work! Because most kids were hyped up for Halloween, we are hoping that was the cause of the behavior and that she is not reverting back to what she was at the beginning of the year! She did have one kinda cute "kid" moment that Judy shared with me... here is what she said:

So yesterday Shannen’s business book had a note. The note said Shannen was talking back and had called someone dumb. In the car on the way home I ask her what happened. Dumb is an odd word for her so I though maybe someone was saying that to her and that is how she picked it up. I ask “So this note said you called someone dumb?”She quickly corrected me. "NO mama No dumb.... damn!" I told her either word means no TV!

As for me, we have a furlough day on Tuesday... and I have lots of photography appointments coming up :) I am also about to start house hunting. I believe that congress has extended the house buying incetive portion of the "stimulus package" so I am hoping that I can get in on that! That would definitely give me a good start to my first home!!! My lease is up at the end of Feb and I definitely want to move back closer to home! I am looking for something between Winder and Statham- so keep your fingers crossed something comes my way.
Love, Jonesy~n~Shanfaith!